This is the kind of man I’m married to. Aka Sneaky Bugger ;)

This year especially, there’s been an acceleration in leaps of complexity and growth spurts in almost every aspect of our lives. In the midst of it, we’ve both said things, felt things, and thought things we’d never have imagined when we were getting married. Some good. Some bad. Some painful. Some necessary. We’re starting from zero, but at a higher level.

I’m not the savior of the world.

I thought about death, and about how fragile the string of life is…

About how easily I forget that’s it’s a truly thin veil that separates life & death, caught up in the busyness of the mundane and the thought that “I can always see them another time”, when that might not be the case at all.

And I found myself – my priorities & perspectives re-adjusted – brought to tears at the feet of the One whose life was poured out to achieve what I can never accomplish…rewriting the story of humanity, triumphing over sin & death, assuring the joy of reuniting with loved ones, and the ultimately, my only hope of healing, hope & redemption in this life and the one to come.

Tonight, I surrendered myself once more; my helplessness and my need – and that of my world, right there at his feet.

No Grey Areas – Conservative Perspectives on “Fifty Shades of Grey

When I clicked through to read Time Magazine’s email, “How ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ affects your brain‏” last night, I was shocked to see at least 30 articles not just ‘related to’ but specifically on the topic Fifty Shades of Grey. At least. That was just on the website. Perhaps I should have expected…

Getting Intentional – Even Introverts Need Community

Human beings are inherently communal creatures, and I’ve found that this is true for me too, even though I’m an introvert by nature. I enjoy company for a while and then I need to rest, so I’m generally not one to put myself out there. Life is made richer by the people we interact with, whether in large or small doses. Yeah, there’ll often be fun times, but sometimes there’s friction too. Being intentional doesn’t mean I’ll get along with everyone, either, but I think friendship is worth looking for, the rewards are worth the effort, true friendships are worth taking the time to build.

Being Bold Despite the Mocking Voice

Peter, having been through this before with his denial of Jesus, didn’t fall for it again. He had previously been intimidated by a questioning voice, but now, he would stop and look it right in the eye. He was no longer “Peter the denier” but “Peter the Rock”, the one who received the revelation of…

Daily: Running Away, then Facing My Fears

My Prayer. When I find myself running away from instead of running towards God. As erratic and disjointed as I feel in those moments. ======== When I find myself back in that place My anxiety builds… The walls close in. I shrivel inside, my heart starts to race I pace, I fret, I hide my…

In Seasons When Your Marriage Is Sexless

How often should a married couple be having sex? Although I do marriage counseling (Christ and Paul spoke the most on marriage and they were single too, right?-I Corinthians 6&7, Matthew 19), I am still single and so since I’m not (and not supposed to be-Hebrews 13:4) having sex, I wanted to pose something more…